Staying Sober in Rehab is not difficult

It's when you leave and go back to your normal life that you really need help.

We provide qualified, caring professionals who bring treatment direct to you. Whether you struggle with alcohol, drugs, or gambling our dedicated staff will prepare a treatment plan that meets your needs – quietly and without requiring your attendance in a residential treatment center.

Sufferers of alcohol and drug addiction often attend residential treatment, but find it doesn’t work when they return home. They get back into there usual routines and find the usual triggers are all around them. A professional sober coach from Off Addiction will help them press the RESET button when it’s time to stay stopped.

Some use our method to insure the investment they’ve already made in treatment. We partner with our client to provide guidance and structure so many addicts and alcoholics desperately need after treatment – whether you went to rehab in Australia or overseas . We do this in your home environment, your work environment, and during travel. We understand things happen and urges come at all different times and for that reason we are available 24/7 – its simply a matter of picking up the phone.

Sober Coach and Sober Companion Services in Sydney
Sober Coach and Sober Companion Services in Sydney

We always focus on maintaining your complete confidentiality and your ability to maintain those parts of your life that are working well.

Our beliefs about treatment are based on this simple fact: it’s easy to stay clean in rehab. In most cases, rehab is a controlled, sterile environment where you have no access to alcohol or drugs. You experience success while there. Great. Its when you return to home or to work, where you have experienced:

  • No great success with abstinence…
  • Multiple, failed attempts at maintaining abstinence from alcohol and drugs…
  • All the triggers in the world in and around your familiar environment

In environments where you are most likely to relapse, we at Off Addiction are your advocates. Our methods give you a successful experience in dealing with abstinence when you really need that extra help.

We provide you with the most personalised  and individualized care dealing with what we know to be one of the the most difficult challenges you will face. Our trained professionals know this all to well through their own personal journeys.

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