If you or a loved one are looking to get help with prescription drug problems, one of the first places you will have most likely turned to for information will be online. As you will probably already know, there are lots of places that offer online support for prescription drug addiction. But are you getting the full picture?

In this article, we outline the different ways that addiction to prescription drugs is treated while aiming to provide useful information that may help you make a decision on which course of treatment or support for prescription pill addiction is going to be for your individual case.

The Growing Prescription Drug Addiction Problem

Prescription pill addiction, just like any addiction, is essentially a chronic medical disease of the brain. It is a serious issue that is growing rapidly, worldwide. Before you consider just how many adults are impacted by problems with prescription pills, more than ever before, young adults, even teenagers are becoming increasingly inflicted by this condition too.

According to a recent study that was undertaken in the U.S, roughly 50 million individuals, aged 12 or older has used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.

In Australia, the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare found a significant rise in drug-induces deaths from the use of prescription drugs, reporting there to be approximately 1 million reported cases of the misuse of prescription drugs in a single year.

In the UK, data published in a recent study indicates that deaths related to drug misuse are currently at their highest. So much so, that Public Health England has launched a serious and comprehensive review into the rising issue with prescription drug addiction.

Alarmingly, around 25% of people who fell into this category of using prescription drugs when they had not been prescribed them, ended up with an addiction to these drugs at one point in their lives.

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What Are the Different Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction?

As you will appreciate, problems with prescription drugs can quickly translate into a serious condition that is depicted by a person repeatedly taking medication for reasons that are not medically related. Eventually, as with many addictions, these individuals will them become mentally and physically addicted, and wholly dependent on the specific substance in order to be able to function properly.

Whatever category of prescription drug addiction a person is having problems with, there are many different treatment options available.

Opioids, Stimulants, and Benzodiazepines are typically prescribed by a medical professional with the intent of helping a person by delivering short-term pain relief after an operation, or an injury has occurred. They are also used frequently to treat a number of other medical and psychological issues. Many of these prescription pills, specifically Opioids, are renowned for causing relaxation and feelings of euphoria; both of which can become highly addictive, and which often result in people forming an addiction to prescription drugs.

Irrespective of the specific type of prescription drug addiction that a person has developed, any continued use of these substances can quickly develop into a serious issue that comes with both short and long-term consequences.

Booking a session with an addiction coach is quick, it’s easy, and it’s affordable. You can do that here today.

Getting timely and effective treatment for problems with prescription drugs is essential. Not least of all because of the impacts taking prescription pills can have on your normal day-to-day life, and the ease of which this issue can spread to affect your family, your job, your hobbies, your friendships, and your social life.

Addiction to prescription drugs of any kind is always treatable. You don’t need to struggle through things alone, the help you need is just around the corner.

The very first phase of getting help with overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs is to seek out the help of expert prescription drug addiction support. Whether that be from an addiction coach, an addiction therapist, a psychologist or any other addiction specialist; taking that first step is key.

What Is A Prescription Drug Addiction Detox?

A prescription pill addiction detox is a method of medically assisted withdrawal that is offered in many parts of the world. While the exact process and program may differ from one detox facility to another, treatment for prescription drug addiction will typically involve:

  • A safe environment that is completely substance-free, preventing any possibility of a relapse
  • 24/7 clinical support from qualified addiction and medical professionals
  • Dedicated emotional support from experienced addiction and medical professionals 

If you would like to talk with an addiction coach in complete confidentiality, you can call or email us today.

How Does Treatment for Addiction to CNS Depressants Work?

For anyone who is addicted to benzodiazepines or barbiturates, it is important that there is no attempt to cease taking this drug without proper medical assistance. Immediate withdrawal can cause potentially life-threatening effects, and this is why you must seek out professional addiction support.

A typical and commonly used treatment for addiction to depressants will involve a medically supervised detoxification process. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has also proven to be effective alongside this to help people adapt to the removal of these drugs from their system.

It is also believed that the abuse of depressants will typically take place alongside another substance, such as cocaine or alcohol. Where there is a presence of polydrug abuse, the approach to treatment will need to encompass each of the addictions.

How Does Treatment for Addiction to Stimulants Work?

The treatment of addiction to prescription drugs which are classified as stimulants are typically founded on a range of behavioral therapies which have been proven to be effective for the treatment of methamphetamine or cocaine.

At present, there are no medications that have been proven effective for the treatment of addiction to stimulants. However, there are many antidepressants which can help to alleviate and manage the symptoms that are present with depression; it is these which can accompany the earlier stages of stimulant abstinence.

While each patient is different, and the individual circumstances will need to be taken into account, the initial steps for the treatment for addiction to stimulants will usually involve lowering the dose and focusing on the treatment of the withdrawal effects. The process of detoxification will then be followed through by one of a multitude of options for behavioral therapies.

A specific approach to treatment for addiction to stimulants that is proving to be effective in its own right is called cognitive behavioral intervention. This is a type of treatment that is focussed on changing a person’s thinking, their behavior, and their expectations; alongside this, it increases a person’s ability to cope with different stressors in life. Alongside this, drug addiction recovery support group sessions are also proven to help.

How Does Treatment for Addiction to Opioids Work?

There are many proven options for the treatment of the addiction to prescription opioids. Many of the options considered are based on research and experience relating to the treatment of people who have an addiction to heroin. Some of the medication included are Levo-Alpha-Acetyl-Methadol (LAAM) and Methadone, alongside this, there are various counseling approaches.

Detoxification is typically considered to be a precursor to any type of long-term Opioid addiction treatment. While this is not a standalone treatment, it serves well to provide a certain amount of relief where withdrawal is concerned. In order to be effective, the detoxification should come before a long-term treatment which may require total abstinence, or which involves the use of a specialist medication as mentioned above.

Methadone works as a synthetic Opioid that works to block out the effects links with Opioid use, it helps to eradicate the withdrawal effects, and it can also provide targeted relief from the cravings that are so very often present when a person stops taking prescription Opioids. LAAM is also another medication that is used as an alternative to Methadone, Naltrexone and Naloxone are two other examples of medications that are used to treat Opioid addiction.

Getting The Help You Need to Overcome a Prescription Drug Addiction

The most important takeaway from this post is that you understand the importance of seeking medical help for the treatment of a prescription pill addiction. Without this type of intervention, your symptoms might become increasingly worse, and this could have severe long-term effects on your health and on your quality of life.

It is never too late to get the help you need to overcome problems with an addiction to prescription drugs. You can regain control, and you can start to look forward to getting your life back on track and becoming addiction-free once again.

Book your first addiction recovery session here today.

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