Gaming Addiction

The rise in the use of media and technology has brought with it the attendant consequences of children and adults as well, focusing an unusual amount of attention on smartphones and similar devices.

Parents have expressed growing concerns about the amount of time devoted by their children to playing video games, tampering with their productivity and engagement in other activities. Video Game Addiction (VGA) has become a real cause for alarm as it affects a large number of people today.

In some cases, kids may become super engaged in getting to the next level in a game (and that is not much of a concern). However, when such engagement continues over a long duration and results in behavioural changes, falling grades at school, lack of human interaction and possible sickness, then there is a need to address the possibility of VGA in your child.

They are at an age where they want more authority over their lives however regularly don’t get their own specific manners. When they play computer game however, they can practice all the control they require.

At OFF ADDICTION, we provide a supportive platform for teenagers and kids to do away with addictive tendencies through co-habitation and interaction with each other and our team, immersive and productive activities such as hiking, camping and skill acquisition. We guide them in making life-shaping decisions and assist their recovery from addiction.

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