Gambling Addiction

Ludomania referred to as gambling addiction or compulsive gambling is an unsatisfying urge to gamble continuously, irrespective of harmful negative consequences. This addictive disorder is in many ways related to drug addiction in that it pretentiously serves to stimulate the reward centers of the Brain and sometimes, an escape from the problems in their lives.

Gambling addiction is usually charachterized by impulsivity and goes hand-in-hand with alcohol addiction.

Pathological gamblers usually have deficiencies in norepinephrine (which is secreted during stress, arousal or thrill) and serotonin which causes their impusivity.


Effects Of Gambling

The potential devastating effects of a gambling addiction far outweigh the monetary benefits of participating in it. Harmful consequences include but are not limited to financial problems (such as bankruptcy, poverty and debt), loss of properties, strained- to broken relationships, loss of work and legal problems.  Gambling addictions are known to result in periods of depression and may lead to suicide.

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