Drug Dependence

Addiction is a disease that affects the brain and behavior. Addiction to drugs means an inability to resist the use of drugs, without regard for the harm the drugs may cause.

Drug Dependence isn’t only about using illegal drugs. People also get addicted to alcohol, opioid painkillers, and other legal substances.  Addiction usually starts off because you like the way the drug makes you feel. Over time, drug use rewires how your brain works, makes you lose self-control and can lead to more damaging behaviors.

Effects Of Drug Dependence

Most often than not, addictive drugs are targeted at the brain’s reward center and causes a feeling of intense pleasure, heightened by the flow of dopamine through the brain.  To achieve this level of high, the substance has to be continually taken.  However, your brain gets used to this level of high and needs more to attain a more satisfying amount of pleasure.

Using drugs for a long period of time results in impaired judgment, decision making, loss of memory and inability to learn.  Drug Dependence can be traced to family history, early drug use, mental disorders, troubled relationships among others.

Getting Help From Drug Dependence

There is no prescribed cure or treatment for drug dependence.  However, there are effective ways to handle your addiction problem.  One of such is through drug dependence intervention. OFF ADDICTION intervention understands the struggle of dealing with addiction problems and is willing to provide all the support you and your loved ones need to get out of your challenge.

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