Addiction Coaching from Home, Work or Anywhere

Our Digital Rehab Service is designed to assist those who wish to engage with one of our trained and qualified sober coaches through Video Conferencing or Regular Phone Calls.

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Private, Secure and Affordable Counselling

Video/Skype Counselling or Phone Counselling from $89 per session

Sessions go for up to 45 minutes and can be booked immediately or at a time that suits you.

Alcohol and Drug Counselling Line

The Off Addiction Alcohol and Drug Support Line is a confidential, non-judgmental telephone or video counselling service for anyone seeking help for their own or another person’s alcohol or drug use.

Our video calls can be done through facetime or skype, and are available 24/7. Simply Book online and we'll be ready to assist you without delay.

What we do

Contact with the Off Addiction Alcohol and Drug Support Line is one-to-one with a professional counselor and is confidential.

Our expericenced Sober Coaches will listen to what is going on for you, and provide you with information and advice about alcohol or drug use, as well as emotional support and treatment options. We'll put together a plan to get you on a path to recovery

We're Here to Support you Day and Night, 24/7

Are you suffering with Alcohol or Drug Abuse? Our sober coaches have all been in your position before, and can help you to navigate your way out of the situation you're in with experience, compassion and confidentiality.

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Support For Families

Family members are impacted by substance abuse just as much as the person who abuses alcohol and drugs and more often than not, the impact is greater. As such, we believe family members can benefit from counselling at any stage of their loved one’s addiction. Oftentimes, family members need support once the individual is in recovery but seldom do they get professional help because they think that if their loved one just stops the behaviour, everything will go back to "normal". This is a common misconception.

Off Addiction provides online video, phone and text counselling for parents, spouses and other family members impacted by someone's use of alcohol or drugs. Experienced addiction specialists can help support the family in finding ways to support their loved one from the comfort of their home through online counselling.

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How It Works